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Are you over the age of 18? im 19. 20 in a few months.

Have you ever self-mutilated? i cut myself a few times when i was 12, but it didnt become a coping mechanism until i was about....14/15 or so. needless to say, ive been cutting ever since. ive had periods where i have managed to stop. at this time, i havent cut for about....2 - 2 and a half weeks.

Seen a therapist? ive been seeing therapists for as long as i can remember. when i was young - as in 5 years old - i was sent to a few therapists for behavioural problems. basically acting up and being a little snot. then i was sent to a therapist for self esteem issues. my therapist after that helped a bit, but she was too close to the family to do any real good, imo. the therapist im seeing now is absolutely brilliant.

Been hospitalized? no.

Did your doctor ever say that SI goes away after your teenage years are over? no. no doctor has ever told me that it will just go away. more often than not, theyve ignored the whole thing, and pretended my scars dont exist.

Are you still trying to find peace? yeah. while i dont cut over every little thing now, its still hard to restrain myself when im feeling extremely angry or depressed.

my name is katt, and i live in new zealand.
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Hey, welcome to the community, congrats for going 2 1/2 wks!

thank you for the welcome :)
i wasnt expecting that.
youve made my day :)
You're totally welcome! And I'm glad that I did...why weren't you expecting that?
i dunno.
=) It's all good.