Harley Quinn (pantherangel) wrote in victimsofsi,
Harley Quinn


Greetings everyone!

I dealt with self-mutilation on and off throughout my highschool years. Now I'm 18, and I manage to get through the days without much fuss it seems. I was in therapy for two years, and I still maintain a healthy relationship with my therapist. For the most part I've learned how to cope with my issues, but there are days when I find myself scratching my arms with my nails...I don't even realize I'm doing it until I look down. There are days I want to hurt, and make everyone else around me hurt, but I have found that those days have been lessened since I've been in therapy. It feels good to know that there is some sort of light in this tunnel, even if it's just a landmark for now. Anyway....hi, everyone!

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Hey there, and welcome to the community! Congradulations on not giving in as of late!